Mindfulness for Athletes

Have you heard of "flow"? If not, you have probably heard of being "in the zone".

Being "in the zone" and experiencing "flow" are two similar ways of describing ideal experiences during the completion of a task. It turns out that being "in the zone" is used more colloquially and "flow" is the official term used in sport psychology. It turns out that athletes perform better when they experience moments of "flow" and knowing that there is a certain formula to achieve that "flow" and, therefore, having a better performance has been extremely important for them. This is fantastic news for coaches and athletes.

Since 1992, several studies have been carried out on "flow" and its relationship with experience and ideal performance in sport. Researchers have even found ways to induce "flow" or train athletes to experience it more easily by introducing mindfulness meditation exercises into their training routines. Several researches show that mindfulness meditation is really an important tool when it comes to its relationship with "flow", anxiety in sport and increased competitive performance.

Mindfulness meditation experts from around the world say that mindfulness meditation exercises are really useful for reducing anxiety in sport and improving performance in competition.

Objectives of this course:

During this course, participants will learn specific skills to:

• Strengthen mental focus, physical awareness and emotional resilience.

• Work with distracting or negative thoughts and intense feelings.

• Responding instead of reacting in challenging situations.

• Increase the ability to persevere during periods of rest, retreat and injury.

• Be an excellent teammate and intentionally create a positive collaborative team culture.

• Make wise, healthy and compassionate choices when facing challenges, temptations and risks.

• Intensify your natural love for sport.

São aconselháveis 8 sessões para sentir os benefícios das mesmas. A partir da 8ª sessão, a pessoa acompanhada decide se pretende continuar ou não

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