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Course The Power of Being Present

It is a requirement for this course that the participant has already attended the introductory course.


Regarding the Introduction Course, there are themes and exercises that are repeated, however, what is relevant is not exactly the themes or exercises themselves, but rather the approach, how we will do it and the depth that will be underlying.


Practice means doing it regularly and consistently. That is why it is called "practice".


In life, there are many things that need to be done many times until we internalize something that is important, beneficial and that will allow another type of response in everyday life.




- Session 1 - Attention and Autopilot


- Session 2 - Perception - the way we look


- Session 3 - The Power of Being Present


- Session 4 - Learning about the territory of stress


- Session 5 - Stress: React or Respond?


- Session 6 - Communicate in a Mindful manner


- Session 7 - Life Choices - How can I take better care of myself?


- Session 8 - Keeping Mindfulness alive



Necessary material:


- Notebook


- Charcoal pencil, eraser, pen


- Colors (colored pencils)


- White A4 sheets


- Registration fee: full course € 200, which can be paid as follows: € 100 the week before the first session; € 100 the week before the 5th session.


ATTENTION that, in case of withdrawal from the course, the values ​​already delivered will not be returned.


Other payment solutions may be found on a case-by-case basis.

São aconselháveis 8 sessões para sentir os benefícios das mesmas. A partir da 8ª sessão, a pessoa acompanhada decide se pretende continuar ou não

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Mindfulness (MBSR)

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