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Mindfulness Day of Silence

If you are interested in spending a day in total connection with you and nature, using scientifically proven stress reduction techniques and tools (among other benefits), sign up!


This day is also an excellent opportunity for all those who already practice mindfulness in their daily lives but, for one reason or another, are losing their habit, the “balance” they felt with the course or even, to deepen some practices.

Registration must be made to the email


Anyone can sign up, even if they don't have any contact with Mindfulness and / or meditation yet. Silence is beneficial and advisable to everyone, as you can see in the following article:


What is necessary:


- Each participant must bring their own snack and lunch.

- Water

- Yoga mat or something that can have the same use

- Cushion and / or zafu

- Blanket

- Notebook to take notes if necessary

- Comfortable clothes

São aconselháveis 8 sessões para sentir os benefícios das mesmas. A partir da 8ª sessão, a pessoa acompanhada decide se pretende continuar ou não

Veja todos os serviços:

Sessoes Individuais.png

Sessões Individuais de Mindfulness

Introdução ao.png

Curso de Introdução 

de Mindfulness

O poder de estar presente.png

Curso o Poder de

Estar Presente

Workshop de sensibilização.png

Workshops de



Mindfulness para Crianças.png

Mindfulness para

Crianças e Jovens

Retiros de Silencio.png

Retiros de Silêncio

Curso de redução de Stress.png

Curso de Redução de

Stress Baseado em

Mindfulness (MBSR)

Mindfulness para atletas.png

Mindfulness para


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