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"The main cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts on it!"

Eckhart Tolle


Sabino Soares, among many trainings i several areas, he has a degree in Physical Education and is passionate about his profession, his daughter and life itself.

He considers himself to be a very positive, cheerful, creative, passionate, sensitive person who believes that it is first necessary to take care of our hearts in order to be able to truly take care of others. After 10 years working at a university working as a Sports Manager, he has dedicated the last 9 years of his life to teaching and sharing to children, youth, teachers and parents how to achieve a true balance between body, emotions and mind and, consequently, cope better with stress.

He is a teacher at a public school, creator of the Bkind (Mindfulness) Program, organizes the most diverse Mindfulness retreats and Days of Silence, is the author of the book on Mindfulness “Stop! Breathe! Decide! "And is also the founder of Ecstatic Dance Faro, a conscious movement dance that gathers many people every month leading them to reach meditative states through free movement, natural rhythm and body wisdom. It is through Mindfulness, conscious dance, trainings, retreats and courses that he organizes, that he tries to bring a life with greater quality, truth, joy of life and lightness to its community because he believes that each one of us has the power and ability to contribute to a more positive and happy life for the people around us.

Happy and peaceful life.



Sessoes Individuais.png

Sessões Individuais de Mindfulness

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Curso de Introdução 

de Mindfulness

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Curso o Poder de

Estar Presente

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Workshops de



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Mindfulness para

Crianças e Jovens

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Retiros de Silêncio

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Curso de Redução de

Stress Baseado em

Mindfulness (MBSR)


Programa 21 Dias de Meditação

Yoga à beira do mar


"Pay attention to the present moment, with intention and without judgment." John Kabat-Zin


Mindfulness refers to the attention that we can direct both to our inner and outer world. Attention to feelings, bodily sensations, thoughts or emotions are examples of attention directed to our interior. Attention to a conversation with a friend, to the trees in the forest, to sounds, to a book, are examples of attention directed to the outside.

Mindfulness refers to the attention that is given to the here and now. The attention we pay to what is happening right now. This may seem easy, but how many times do we allow our thoughts to distract our attention? Although we are inevitably obliged to agree that the faculty of thinking gives us a lot of help, since it allows us to make plans or solve complicated situations, it is also frequent that thinking itself triggers some problems. Our mind can easily get lost in infinite thoughts (worries and concerns). Our thoughts create emotions and feelings such as fear or sadness. Sometimes we stay up at night worried about what might happen tomorrow. Or we can't help thinking about that mistake we made last week.


Mindfulness teaches us how to deal with these problematic thoughts and to focus our attention on the here and now. Mindfulness helps us to create a different relationship with our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

In the development of this friendlier relationship, we can stop identifying and lost  ourselves completely with the content of our thoughts/feelings and become observers of these states. This observer can of course still feel emotions or feelings but now, he can also decide whether he wants to be completely taken by them.

To sum up, Mindfulness can help us to make ourselves less identified with feelings, emotions or thoughts. In other words, we are not our emotions or thoughts, but we can be aware of our emotions and thoughts.


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o meu livro?

Momento Mindful is a rubric that I have been developing at Rádio Gilão since 2018 where, every week, there is a place for a note of about 4 minutes, where I invite listeners to meditate, breathe, reflect on a phrase, feel the moment, focus attention to a song, text or poem.

It is an intentional moment when we do a STOP and break the autopilot we are in in our lives and return to the present moment. To the here and now.



It is characterized by being a constant invitation to return to the wisdom of the body, through conscious and totally free rhythm and movement where the dance expands, the spirit becomes active, the limitations dissolve, the annoyance disappears, the creativity it explodes, beauty flows, communities come together, a ritual with the body is reinvented, harmony arises ...


The beat intensifies like a carpet of rhythms uniting with ourselves and others within a large family.



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